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SunRize Mechanical Inc. provides 24 hr superior service solutions on all commercial applications such as: Chillers, Building Automation, Boilers, Variable Frequency Drives.

Specializing in custom applications such as: Winery and Brewery chilled water applications including, Pipping for Tanks, Barrel rooms, Humidification controll. Also provide chiller services for CAT Scans and MRI Machines in the medical Industry.


SunRize Mechanical Inc. has an ongoing education program for all its employees to be on top of all the latest technologies available to the industry.


SunRize Mechanical Inc. is very aware as to how critical each client

relies on quick, prompt and efficient service and diagnostics which allow for less down time and eliminating 

loss of production or client discomfort.


SunRize Mechanical Inc. has a warranty program of 1 year parts and labor on all work performed.


We also honor all manufactures warranty on top of our warranty.

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